samedi 15 mai 2010

Building Mootools on windows with Packager

In the case you miss it, mootools 1.3beta1 is out. if you are using windows and you want to build it, the qucikest way to achieve it is to use packager.

  • grab mootools 1.3b1, and packager
  • extract mootools in a folder, lets say "c:\mootools\"
  • extract packager in your local web server.
  • create a php file and put these lines of code

require 'packager.php';

$pkg = new Packager('c:\\mootools\\');

//the first parameter is the mootools.js build
$pkg->write_from_components('c:\\mootools\\mootools.js', $pkg->get_all_files());


now you run your php script in your web browser to create your mootools build.

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  1. Saved my ass, thanks for pointing me in the right direction buddy.